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Welcome to my site, citizen of the net

Really just another chill person [he/him] that you clicked on for some reason. There's not that much here, just another minimalist site on Neocities. I'm generally obsessed with really anything tech related and I really don't know why, maybe I'm a tech fanatic, nobody probally knows.

I pretty much use any OS, from (GNU/)Linux to Mac, Windows, Android, etc, with my personal favourite daily driver being Mac OS catalina on my unsupported 2011 macbook pro. your device is technically your oyster when picking a OS to install on it, but thats also the same with websites, espectially those that Neocitizens make.

Just as a note: I (or the sites advertised) don't get paid for these ads, but you can pay them with a nice little visit!

Modern social media and Web 2.0 has plauged the web so much it almost caused the "extinction" of the world of Web 1.0 and customizable and beautifully handcrafted (with love) sites, it has happened so hard that good ol' Geocities had to shut down. But we are kinda getting off topic, so uh, why not navigate through my site, some pages might be coming soon, but who knows, they might not.

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